About Us

We are Big Manufacturer of Eco Friendly Products in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. We produce main on Eco-friendly products: Coconut Shell Bowls, Coconut Cutlery, Coconut Products, Bamboo products, Bamboo Drinking Straws for wholesale and other Eco friendly products.

We collect 100% of the coconuts after taking coconut meat and coconut milk. We focus on the warehouse at our factory in the village. They will be cleaned, carved and polished by artisans in the village. Coconut bowls will be wrapped with tissue paper. After packing, Coconut bowls will send out by Air so fast.

We produce in large quantity with the capacity of supplying 300.000 pieces of each products per month.

In addition to the coconut we also directly produce wooden spoons, wooden forks, bamboo straws and Eco-friendly products.

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We do ship Worldwide by Airline and by Board.

We always  welcomes  and  highly  appreciates  any  of  your  valuable  cooperations. Please kindly let us know your specific lacquer needs and requirements. We are happy to serve  you  and  your  business.

We offer Wholesale price and very Cheap price with Quality ensured. (Food safety, No chemicals, No toxic substances).

  • We are committed to ship all orders on time and High quality products.
  • Kindly please let us know Product/Style you want to order and Quantity of each? (More Quantity, More Discount)
  • And your Details Address, we will check the Shipping cost for you!!
  • Just say “Wholesale Products” to Email: info@coconutfriendly.com
  • Contact us right through WhatsApp: +84964608021
  • We will reply within 12 hours

About Us Coconutfriendly

About Us Coconutfriendly

About Us Coconut friendly

About Us Coconut friendly